Our Services

DECK1’s set of tools supports the energy production industry with Ad-hoc, spot, and service agreements in its logistical setup. One enabling factor is the digitalization of services and assets, and the other is Consultancy.

An intelligent assets and services setup is reflected by the time and cost spent per given MWh reaching the grid onshore. We concentrate on transportation and services on the digital platform and extend this with professional consultancy.

Moving people and materials fast and efficiently will become increasingly important with the renewable sector’s growths plans. This is why our consultancy service can support multiple sharing options, and why we continuously improve our tools to make it easy for professionals to take data-driven decisions that will benefit the industry.



  • Live feeds based on AIS and ADSB data
  • Easy oversight of Assets and services
  • Multiple layers to support multiple operations


  • No-nonsense platform for searching and finding services and assets
  • Filter, select and negotiate in one place

Document store

  • Process visibly logged progress
  • Claim management support
  • Decision support and comparison


  • Digitalise your fleet and enable more functions
  • Enable smart use of assets
  • Share details easily


  • Secure communications directly with selected contacts
  • Keep personal contact with clients and customers


  • Buy and sell services and transport in one place
  • Benchmark pricing on services to ensure a good deal